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  • Acquista Harmofine su Harmonium pharma o su angolo del diabetico


Topical treatment of dermal-epidermal tissue alterations

Image by Diana Polekhina
  • Topical treatment of dermal-epidermal tissue alterations.

  • It is a medical device 0425. Read the warnings or instructions for use carefully.

  • Based on plant extracts

  • Promotes the tissue repair process

What interest for people living with diabetes?

Chronic wounds are a common complication affecting people with diabetes.

What is it?

Attiva Plus® is a sterile dressing based on plant extracts with a hydrating action that promotes tissue repair processes, without adhering to the lesion, helping to relieve pain.


Box of 10 sterile gauzes


Medical device


 Gotu kola

Urtica dioica

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