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  • Acquista Harmofine su Harmonium pharma o su angolo del diabetico


Wear prevention and protect your foot.

Image by Michał Parzuchowski
  • It is a medical device. Read the warnings or instructions for use carefully. Ministerial authorization number 1142 of 05/09/2017.

  • Patented system for the prevention of diabetic foot complications

  • As simple and practical as wearing a pair of socks

  • Continuous hydration of the skin of the foot over time

What interest for people living with diabetes?

Chronic hyperglycemia causes the development of a series of complications over time. These include neuropathy, i.e. the appearance of dysfunctions in the nervous system, arteriopathy, i.e. reduced blood circulation in the arteries that carry blood to the lower limbs, thus hindering the correct healing of wounds. People suffering from neuropathy or arterial disease are at high risk of developing ulcers and therefore the complication of Diabetic Foot. Diabetic foot is one of the most widespread complications of diabetes and consists of the manifestation of both nervous and circulatory problems. The foot of the person with diabetes already at the onset of this complication shows widespread dryness and superficial microlesions of the skin. Over time and if neglected, this foot can develop real ulcers, with a high risk of infections, partial/total gangrene, changes in the shape of the foot and in the way of walking.

What is it Difoprev®?

By wearing the socks, the glycoprotein contained in the capsules, in contact with the skin, is released slowly and gradually for approximately 3 days. The socks can be washed at any time during this period of time, without losing their action. After 3 days, the socks must be soaked in the substance again: using a special Difoprev® capsule/refill, dissolving it in a little water and immersing the socks in it for 30 minutes, the socks are recharged and are ready to be reused again for the following 3 days of treatment. And so on… DIFOPREV® allows continuous hydration of the foot over time, helps the skin maintain its normal elasticity and integrity, contributing to the prevention of superficial micro-lesions (potential triggering factor for infections) and maintaining a good condition of the skin itself. The monthly use of DIFOPREV® can be repeated 2-6 times a year, based on the skin condition and the specialist's indications.

  • Kit with a pair of socks and 9 refills for a month of treatment

  • Pack containing only 9 refills to repeat the treatment cycle


Meryl® socks

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