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Skinbetix® is a foam cream specific for skin treatment and foot care.

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  • The ideal foam for foot care.

  • Deep and long-lasting hydration guaranteed by the 10% urea concentration

  • Recommended for diabetic foot

  • Also applicable in the spaces between the fingers Immediate absorption without leaving greasy residue on the skin, to maintain smooth, soft and elastic skin

  • Without dyes and paraffin

Why is it important for people with diabetes?

Continuous hyperglycemia can cause vascular and nerve damage and impact organs at different levels. The skin of people with diabetes requires specific treatment and particular attention and care that traditional products do not guarantee.

What is it?

Skinbetix® is a specific dermocosmetic for the treatment of foot skin, particularly suitable for people with diabetes. Its components (Urea 10%, Panthenol, Avocado Oil and Allantoin) guarantee deep and prolonged hydration and softness of the foot, promoting the skin regeneration process.

How is it used?

Apply regularly morning and evening to the affected areas. Shake the bottle well and keep in an upright position.

75ml bottle of foam ​
Urea (10%)
Avocado oil
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