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Insulcloud All therapeutic data in a single interface, now also for those on multi-injection therapy.

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
  • The CAP is compatible with any pre-filled insulin pen, and can be integrated with any glucometer and any sensor. The cap detects information relating to insulin injections.

  • The APP (for the patient) and the WEB PLATFORM for the clinician integrate and show data relating to glycemic monitoring, insulin administration, physical exercise and carbohydrate intake.

  • Insulcloud allows the person with diabetes, the caregiver and the doctor to monitor the management of the disease and improve adherence to therapy."

The cap automatically acquires insulin administration data:

- units

- date and time of injection

- duration of the injection


It emits light and sound alarms before and during the injection for correct insulin administration

Send data to the web platform and app


Rechargeable battery, 1 year duration


Send reminders to the patient/caregiver in case of missed administration

The app and the web platform integrate insulin therapy data with glycemic trends.

- The boluses and blood sugar levels detected by the glucometer and CGM are automatically sent via Bluetooth

- It is possible to enter additional data: CHO ingested, physical activity, oral therapies - Reminder alerts and hypo and hyper alarms

- Reports and tools for telemedicine: possibility for the clinician to start chats and video chats with the patient directly via the app and the web platform

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